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My 10 Show Wishlist @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2011

So I was flirting for a little while there with the idea of going down to Melbourne to do some spots at this year’s Comedy Festival. For the moment it looks like it’s not gonna happen sadly (family, money, etc) but I’ve decided to post on here my top 10 shows I WOULD be seeing,were I setting foot down that way.

In no particular order…

1. Reggie Watts – ever since I heard that the man improvises songs using loop pedals (one of which I bought a coupla years ago in Canada and then proceeded to not get out of the damn cupboard!), I have been DYING to see him live.

2. Marc Maron – a good friend of mine put me onto the WTF podcast and ever since I’ve been a fan. I love his mind, especially the fact that he’s willing to be so real with his listeners and interviewees, and they seem to return the favour.

3. Jen Brister is British-ish – she was one of my fave finds at Adelaide Fringe Festival (and my fellow performer in Titters). I’m bummed I missed her whole show there, I’ve heard it’s brilliant.

4. Late Night Improv – cos I’m an impro junkie. Next.

5. The Crimson Goat Cabaret Club – even just by the name alone, I think I’d love this.

6. David O’Doherty – a musical comic after my own heart, I bumped into the man himself just outside a hotel in Montreal where he was lovely and friendly, despite literally wiping the sleep out of his eyes. Dear man. Have yet to see him live.

7. Doctor Brown – cos I meant to see this in Adelaide (after hearing umpteen people raving about it) and missed it. It sounds very unique and very cool!

9. Sexy Time – I spun out completely when I saw the promo for this at Adelaide Fringe, namely cos I recognised the stars: as two adorable former students of an acting school I used to manage! Of course that was eons ago – and here they are, all grown up and doing awesome comedy stuff. They guested at the finale of Titters and so I was privy to a 10 minute excerpt of this show – freaking HILARIOUS. Super physical, very different, and so damn funny. I want to see the full thing!!!

10. Girls Night– namely cos if the timing had worked out I’d be in it (sadly not to be this time around!) and cos it features some of the funniest ladies around, many of whom I had the great privilege of working with in Ads. Rock the casbah.

Also an honorary nod to one show which I would most definitely see had I not already done so recently, Hannah Gadsby’s Mrs Chuckles. Man I love that woman.

So there you have it. That’s what I WOULD be doing.

Now excuse me.


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