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Musical Improv site (or: ‘The best compliment I’ve ever been bestowed’)

Wow, wow, wow.

My undoubted sensai and musical improv guru Michael Pollock has just posted this warm fuzzy blurb about one of my improvised songs on – to say it made my innards glow with goo is a massive, massive understatement. So very, very cool…agh!

When I say Michael Pollock wrote the book on musical improv, I’m speaking literally. He’s written several books on the subject and I don’t believe I’m stretching to say he’s regarded as one of the USA’s leading experts on the subject. I had the incredibly life-time high of working with Michael in a musical improv intensive at Second City Las Vegas back in 2006, at the end of which we performed a showcase where this very song of which he writes was born.

Then, as if all this wasn’t mind-blowingly awesome enough, just before my departure back to Oz, Michael gave me what I believe is one of the most magical moments of my life – in gifting me with an ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT of his latest book: How to Write Funny Lyrics: The Comedy Songwriting Manual. I almost died.  “Oh relax!” he said, as if he went round handing these out on the strip every other day. But I couldn’t.

Even when I think about that moment now I feel drunk.

And as a 7-odd-months preggie lady, I can’t even begin to describe how pleasant that is.

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