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Mummy’s feeling angry

This is me.

This is why:

1. My freakin’ computer keyboard is rooted so it will not only not type out ‘g’ (that’s right, I have to copy and paste it every time I want to use it) but it is now typing multiple ……………. with no end in sight. This has at points become so frustrating that I have been known to seize the keyboard with two hands, shake it above my head and roar like King Kong.

2. Our DVD player is cheap and crappy, meaning that not only will it absolutely not play any of my film footage (i.e. burned onto equally cheap and crappy DVDs) but it pretty regularly chokes on normal DVDs, usually at the pivotal dramatic moment.

3. Caleb is going through a whingeing stage from hell at the moment, although apparently not at day-care, where he is an absolute angel. How thoughtful of him, to save the best for mummy.

4. We have to move house and so far nobody seems to want to rent to a household of four where two housemates are under 4. And when one housemate is a student. And when there’s already twelve other applications from people with as few children as they have money issues.

Pass the tranquiliser gun, would you?

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