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Movies I hope they don’t show on my plane trip

The longest I’ve ever been on a plane is two and a half hours and even THAT freaked me out. So the thought of a long-distance haul, while mega-mega-exciting in terms of the destination, is a one-way ticket (if you’ll pardon the pun) to panic.

The one thing that I’m counting on to distract me from my phobia is movies on tap. So long as they’re not:

Superman Returns… which I saw today, hence triggering this entry. Now if Superman were real, I could calm myself in the knowledge that even if something did happen during my flight, he’d at least consider saving me. Especially if he dug my bling-bling.

Alive… cos I don’t care how good my co-passenger’s biceps look, I ain’t eating that. United 93… sing it with me people: Freak Out! Lost… unless of course, Matthew Fox is actually on-board my flight. Air-Force One… cos in-air action aside, anything with Harrison Ford these days scares the living daylights out of me.

Cross your fingers for me, won’t you?

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