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More Banff Centre-ing, Vancouver planning and Scrabulous avoiding

So tomorrow I start the second leg of my Banff Centre residency – I have to say, I feel markedly calmer about it second time around, I guess it just comes with knowing what to expect and being a little clearer on what I want to get out of it.

In a beautifully serendipitous turn of events, my director for the show appears to be confirmed, which is fantastic – just the kick up the buttocks I need to write, write, write my show off this week, and get it ready for what will be a very intensive jam-packed rehearsal period. I’m so excited!!!

In other news, I’m spending much time trying to piece together an extension to the upcoming BC tour in June – while I was hoping to find some gigs en route back from Kelowna to here, envisioning us meandering our way back through stunning lakes, valleys and campsites, it appears a little tricky to conjure said gigs up in time. So…I’m turning my sights to Vancouver,

which I’m equally excited about, given that there’s not only a ton of cool comedy stuff to be part of, but my sister-in-law Liz (who has lived in so many countries she basically embodies the concept of ‘multicultural’) told me it’s one of her favourite places in the entire world. So yes. Vancouver tis. And it shall be grand.

By heavens, if we can stumble across some reasonably priced accommodation, it will be downright magnificent.

If it weren’t for me being sunburnt right now (courtesy of my re-discovered addiction to mountain biking) life would be pretty sugary indeed.

So for now, I say bring on the Banff Centre! Let’s just hope I can haul my addictive butt away from Scrabulous so as to make the most of it. Yeah, right.

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