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Mission Impossible III

Took myself on a good old-fashioned Jenny date (i.e. me, myself and I: well, plus popcorn and post-mix Coke if I’m to be entirely accurate) to see “Mission Impossible III”.

It was everything you would expect of “Mission Impossible III.”

There you go, briefest review ever.

I couldn’t help thinking:

a) how much Tom Cruise’s love interest reminded me of Katie Holmes; b) how nobody does ‘running intensely’ like Tom Cruise; and c) how, if Tom Cruise’s public persona hadn’t been put through the ringer in the past year, you could almost have a crush on him.

Gone are the “Cocktail” days, when I longed to have his tequila parked in my sunrise… now if he offered me tequila I’d just go “SLAMMER!” and that’d be that.

I don’t even know what I’m writing. It’s after midnight, I’m cranky and delirious.

Good night to you.

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