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Melbourne Web Fest, NYC, Clown Doctor Grad… BLAH… Blah… Blah…

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Man it’s been a while. I’m hopeless at this whole staying-on-top-of-everything thing.

Are you better at this than me?

If so, congrats! High five! And please, tell me know how you do it so I can add to my hugely impressive pile of self-help nuggets on my pinterest boards which I shall then ignore.

And if not, congrats! High five! And please, let’s just all hold hands together and cheer except we’re all so disorganised it will be gloriously out of sync and sound terrible. United we fail! WOOHOO!

So long has it been that I can’t even remember where I was up to last time I blogged. Let me try to do a quick Readers’ Digest of stuff-that-may-be-relevant-enough-to-include-so-that-I-feel-like-I’m-at-least-semi-bringing-this-up-to-date… NOTE THAT THIS WILL BE A HIGHLY UN-THOUGHT OUT LIST OF UPDATES PLUS STUFF THAT’S BEEN ON MY MIND OF LATE:

  • I went to the amazing Melbourne Web Fest a few weeks ago to pitch Viking Mama as a web series and miracle of miracles (thank you Odin!) I won!

I nearly died of shock as this now means that in a few weeks I’ll be heading to France to do a writing residency to develop it further to then pitch to the ABC on my return, plus…

With Melbourne Web Fest Director Steinar Ellington and ABC iView Content Director Kevin Mountain
With Melbourne Web Fest Director Steinar Ellington and ABC iView Content Director Kevin Mountain

it is RIGHT before I traipse off to New York to do An Unexpected Variety Show at United Solo Festival, meaning this is literally going to be my first world tour. I can call it a world tour, right? Cos I’m calling it a goddamn world tour.

Please tell any NY folks you know! I promise to buy them pizza afterwards if I can afford it and if they like pizza and if I remember this promise!

  • I have officially completed my Clownternship (slowed down a little this year by having two broken feet and all) and have now graduated as a Clown Doctor! Woohoo! I have this dream of one day doing a show called “Clown’s Anatomy” which is like full of melodrama and sexual tension and all but with clowns. I’m adding it to my list of ideas-that-will-always-just-be-ideas. It’s a growing file.

  • After reading this incredible article I immediately cyber-stalked the author and proceeded to buy her book Real Artists Have Day Jobs. I’m bingeing on it so much I’m feeling slightly nauseous. It’s rad.

  • Have also discovered Kate Tempest (love saying that like it was I WHO DISCOVERED HER!) – after seeing this amazing performance of hers on QandA – and between that and recently rewatching 8 Mile, I’m kinda developing a bit of a distant crush on spoken word/rap…look out world. You have been warned. I’M THINKING ABOUT A NEW SHINY THING TO TRY!

  • Oh yeah and I’m doing a TedX talk in a month! I’m so excited, this year is insane. It’s been on my bucket list since forever, the committee approached me after they saw a media article about Viking Mama, I submitted my idea and shazam, things they are a-happening! Tix are over here.

  • We adopted a greyhound! His name is Ziggy, he’s so cute we’ve become quite sickening in our love for him. He is so obsessed with food, I’d almost think he wasn’t adopted…

  • In the self-improvement world, I’ve started:

    • using HabitBull. It’s been amazing! When I’ve remembered to use it!

    • using Headspace. It’s been amazing! When I’ve remembered to use it!

    • using my yoga trapeze! It’s been… blah blah blah…

I’m also:

  • playing far too much Words with Friends;

  • loving Mister Robot;

  • drinking far too much Diet Coke;

  • baking up sugar free treats only to sneak to the shop and throw my face into the nearest vanilla slice;

  • trying to cling on for dear life during life’s not so amazing parts;

  • hugely appreciating the crazy privilege we have of enjoying our still-new-enough-to-us-to-be-novel home. My other half is such an incredible force of creativity, it feels like the whole house is a work of art in progress. I love, love, LOVE that.

Phew! I think that’s it. For now. When will I be back?


Me so honest.


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