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Melbourne Fringe: Touring With a Toddler Installment 2: Opening Night

Just one of many beautiful sights at my show's venue, Revolt Melbourne.

As I type this I am trying to oversee, with very little success, Mister 2’s nap-time, my persistence in this mission only due to the selfish knowledge that it could equal nap-time for me.


Last night was Opening Night of “The Unexpected Variety Show” at Melbourne Fringe and it was BEWDIFUL.

Mister Tim Ferguson and my adrenalin-filled self.

Seriously lovely crowd, very full of smiles and laughs which makes the show umpteen times more easy and fun to do. The word suggestion for last night’s improv song (if I haven’t already told you, before the show the audience writes down words into a suggestion bucket for one of my characters to choose from to create a spontaneous song mid-show) was “testicles.” As my character, Beatta, said, drawing said suggestion out, “There’s always one, isn’t there? Or is that two?”

Only one person laughed.

Or is that two?

Sorry, joke is clearly not working, I must let it go now…faretheewell.

Post-show I caught up with some rocking folks, including the very awesome, hilairs-balls and lovely Tim Ferguson (above), who suggested I start working on my next show now (I already have an idea in mind…) and, well, I won’t say too much in case I jinx it but there are exciting possibilities around. AGH! Also caught up with my beautiful-in-every-way friend and co-producer Rachel who brought me my first show flower (a toy one, a very wise move given the life expectancy of any actual flora in my household), wondrous Bec who brought me champers plus a LEGO set for my son!!!!!) and some fabooshy mummy bloggers who came, saw and posted!

Some beautiful things are being said about the show:

A couple of lovely folks blogged about it too. Check out Diary of a Mad Cow and A Green Cow‘s reviews. BTW, though both bloggers end in “Cow”, they are not related as far as I am aware. Do I simply appeal to the lactating market? And if so, any breastpump companies out there wanna sponsor me?

I am so incredibly chuffed. Especially when given that this time yesterday I was trying to convince my toddler to pick himself up from his face-down tantrum sprawl on Flinders Street (true), with my eyeballs hanging out of my head with fatigue and questioning the wisdom of actually attempting to do a 2-week festival stint like this, well…I guess I’m saying that to actually receive this lovely feedback that it’s connecting with people just really does make it feel like the difficulties are WORTH IT!

Oh Melbourne. How I heart thee.

Firstly, cos my fringe run is off to a most rocking start. Secondly, because you have op shop displays like this.

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