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Meeting Tim Minchin: check

It may be a little difficult to type this entry, seeing as my hands are otherwise occupied trying to hold my spinning head in place. For today I met my favourite comedian in the entire world: Mr Tim Minchin.

Now, if you’re a long-termish blog-reader (and what’s long-term these days anyway? I mean really) then you may recall me being all in a tizzy about the opportunity to interview Tim for The Pun (where incidentally, you can check out my review of Dave Hughes’ show if you like). Well, evidently that interview fell through for reasons I am yet to understand, but now it is of no matter dear fellows.

Allow me to illuminate the steps leading up to happy ending:

– months ago I asked my Vibewire editor if I could pretty please review Tim’s show when it came to Brisbane in May

– several days ago she replied saying yes, indeed I could

– last night I went and saw his show “Darkside” at the Powerhouse, taking along my dear little brother Billy for company. Needless to say I LOVED it (I’ll post a link to the review itself once its up) and even went so far as to splurge on a Tim Minchin canvass shopping bag, but showed great self-control in not buying the CD though not for lack of wanting!

– this morning I realised my radio show was on this avo, and wondered whether we might have a shot at getting Tim on for an interview

– I ummed and aahed over whether to bother, thinking that it would look pretty unprofessional to be asking a publicist for an interview that very afternoon. Finally, I thought ‘what the hell’ and shot off the requisite e-mail.

– two hours later, received a phone-call from the Powerhouse rep asking for more details and saying she’d call me back. Five minutes later she did, saying “Yep, Tim’s keen, how about I give you his mobile number in case there’s any probs?” Dramatic pause. Rewind. “…how about I give you his mobile number…?”

– 5.30pm, I open the studio door and there he is. I manage to hold together my star-struckedness (at least I hope I did) to make it through the interview. Off-air, we chat. I tell him that I’m the crazy mummy comedian from Brisbane who e-mailed him some months ago and he remembers checking out my site (or at least he says he does, but he did e-mail me back after that which is a good sign!) He asks what I’ve been up to: I tell him a bit about the Melbourne Comedy Festival and he says he thinks that was a really smart way to go about it. “The thing is, don’t go putting on a big show until you know you’re really ready. Then when you know you’re ready, just go for it.” Oh boy.

– as we wrap it up, he hands us a copy of his “Darkside” CD (which I fully intend to make very good use of) and I tell him I saw the show last night and am reviewing it for Vibewire. “I’ll e-mail you a copy once it’s up,” I say. “Don’t worry, it’s all good. You’re my favourite comedian.” He goes all coy and then he hugs me. Dramatic pause. Rewind. He hugs me.

– on the dizzying come-down on the train-ride home, I check my phone and see a missed call from…Tim Minchin (that’s right, I put him straight in my phonebook). I suddenly realise that we forgot to give Tim the names of the ticket winners on the show. I text Alex (my co-host), he texts me back and I text Tim. He texts back: Thanks Jenny. Was grand to meet yez. x

So now I have two, yes that’s right TWO never-to-be-erased text messages on my phone, ONE hug and ONE Darkside CD from my favourite ever comedian: I’m still coming down. Tomorrow’s gonna hurt.

Even my hubby was happy for me and bless his little cottonsocks: not in the least bit threatened, even when I burst out with: “I LOVE him!!!” (insert very awkward silence here)”You know, purely in a comedic sense.”

But come on, I’m entitled to go a little nuts here in my very daggy star-struck way. Cos there’s probably only two people in the world I would get this excited about meeting. Tim Minchin and Johnny Depp.

One down…

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