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Me, Me, Me!!!

One of my favourite bloggers RockstarMommy has just done this and you know, I want to be just like her. That and I don’t really have anything interesting to blog about today. Well, I do, but hey, it’s Friday and I’m lazy.

I AM: delighted that I’m starting to get some e-mails cranking in for my new blogging experiment Not the Supernanny and am having a ball writing replies. Not that it’s me

I SAID: I’d never start another blog.

I WANT: To go overseas next year.

I WISH: I could go to New York and learn comedy stuff.

I HATE: Feeling like a crap mum.

I MISS: Being a naieve little fifteen-year-old. It was all downhill from there.

I FEAR: Turning into Selma from The Simpsons. Not likely, but anything’s possible.

I HEAR: Britney’s up the duff again. Oops…

I WONDER: Why on earth we’re all here.

I REGRET: Being mean to my little sister when we were growing up, like being completely inspired after watching an episode of ‘You can’t do that on television’ and spitting all over her face (the deal was, I’d have a turn then she’d have a turn) then renegging on the deal after I’d covered her in spittle. That was just wrong.

I AM NOT: Gonna apologise in person though.

I DANCE: With vigour that surprises even me.

I SING: Almost constantly.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: This sexy. No really.

I MADE: Two babies. This is in part responsible for the previous answer.

I CONFUSE: Starfruit and Pomegranates. And my kids’ names.

I NEED: Way too many energy drinks. Maybe even a stiff drink.

I SHOULD: Shut up.

I START: A few billion projects a year.


I BELIEVE: Johnny Depp and I would be together if my hubby hadn’t gotten in first.

I KNOW: Johnny Depp and I would be together if my hubby hadn’t gotten in first.

I CAN: Pull the world’s best monkey face ever.

I CAN’T: Climb trees, eat six bananas in one sitting or touch my own butt and smell it. That stuff just kills me.

I SEE: A bright future involving world domination and month-long island holidays. It’s not my future, but it’s nice nonetheless.

I BLOG: Against my will. It’s this weird little troll holding a machete to my head and yelling ‘BLOG OR BE CHOPPED INTO PIECES YOU SILLY SAD LITTLE WOMAN!!!’

I READ: Not nearly as much as I’d like to. But a fair few blogs.

I AM AROUSED BY: Eyebrows. And intellect. And being kissed on the neck. In that order.

IT PISSES ME OFF: When people are mean. Or pretentious. Or too well-waxed.

I FIND: Random crap all throughout my house.

I LIKE: Writing silly blog entries like on my new one Not the Supernanny.

I LOVE: The opportunity to plug something twice in one page. It’s just so beautifully shameless.

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