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Martin Short Rocks the World

I’ve never been a huge fan, but when I saw the ad for his new show – a combination of stand-up, characters and musical numbers – it was like handing me an enormous cone of double choc-chip fudge icecream and shoving it down my throat.

It had to be done.

Man, oh man. The show rocked my entire world. I’m so full of thoughts, ideas and song lyrics that I need a Mylanta.

Thanks to Kym, my newest mate from Second City class (yes that’s right kids, Mummy’s made a friend), this afternoon I also discovered:

– the Hershey’s chocolate store; – Times Square McDonalds (this place is AMAZING – the walls are completely covered in the most incredible NY mural. Maccas has just gone up a notch in my book. A small notch, but a notch nonetheless); – the most unbelievably enormous store packed to the rafters with sheet music and even Broadway karaoke CDs; and – how to navigate the subway!

The training is really amazing – I’m sorry I can’t be more detailed than that but there’ll be plenty of time for that once I’ve had a chance to digest it. But you might be happy to know that I’ve also managed to hook up a few more cool interviews (including interviewing my improv teacher today) and finally – tomorrow I’m doing more training, more training, then Liz and Andrew are arriving to hang out for a few days, and tomorrow night…

Meaning…I need to go to bed. Right now.

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