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Lost and other grievances

Last night’s episode of Lost just irritated me. I LOVED the first one of the new season, but last night just seemed – despite my reassurances from a recent interview I read with the writers – frustratingly boring. As my mate Marc said some time ago, it’s kinda like improv. The writers keep throwing all these new ‘offers’ out there, follow each one through slightly but then just keep adding more offers into the mix so none of them really gets terribly far.

Add to that the fact that Claire’s baby seems to never require feeding or tantrum stops en route to the other side of the island and, well…


I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed lately what with all the big decisions we need to make at the moment – they all seem so consequential, but I guess in the grand scheme of things they’re really not. I guess it’s just because getting the whole fam to anywhere in the world is quite a massive investment, we want to be sure we’ve actually thought it through. And I had a massive tiff yesterday with somebody close to me – I don’t want to divulge too much but it had to do with our plans and stuff. I just feel so frustrated right now…

Double grrrr.

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