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Little Britain Live

One of the sweetest text messages I’ve received thus far in my mobile life arrived yesterday morning from my dear mate Mango Lick:

“Hey jen you want an early birthday present? Ticket to little britain tonight? I cant make it x”


To be completely honest, I wasn’t a massive fan of the series at that point, but I sure as hell am now! I finally ‘get’ why people love it – the character catch-phrases (many of which drew applause by themselves), taking the little nuances of the lower to working class and exaggerating them to the point of absurdity, and of course just the complete un-PC-ness of it all (which got so completely borderline in one audience participation bit where the inappropriate kids’ show host character pretty much began molesting a guy from the audience: very uncomfortable, probably moreso cos everybody was laughing at it.)

It also drove home the point that we are all comedians in our own way – before the show had started and during the interval, the cameras were roving the crowd and focusing in on individuals, giving the audience a chance to garner their own laughs from the crowd.

As I endured the 24 minute drive out of the car-park, I had time to digest what was a kick-ass show and was struck by a revelation: I have NEVER felt so pumped to do my full-scale show.

Mango Lick – you ROCK MY WORLD.

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