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Links of the Week: (Or, “WHAT? You mean there’s more to Cyberspace than ME?!”)

The hubbster and I.

How to even begin to communicate the whirlwind of things inspiring me of late. It’s so crazy, my head is full of so many plans, ideas, possibilities, adventures, lists and logistics, I’m literally having trouble getting to sleep. EVER.

Anyhoo…I shall possibly wax lyrical about some of the following during the coming weeks, but for now I just wanted to share some of the bits and bobs that are rocking my socks, leg warmers and other bits of 80’s clothing of late:

Charlie Kaufman, the screenwriter behind such beautiful films as “Adaptation” (one of my all-time favourites), gave this rather mind-blowing speech recently at a BAFTA screenwriter’s lecture. So much to say on this…

Note: I already shared the above on my official Facebook page, but it’s just too good not to smear it around the internet like jam on a pancake.

Oh dear heavens, do watch this video. I wanna see the movie!

Oh how I dream of travelling around in a fried up Kombi. And having a man in India handing me a Vegemite sandwich. (If you got that, we are officially friends.)

A piece by Seth Godin on being the best, that I’ve been reflecting on a lot since I first read it. I particularly dig this:

What we can become the best at is being an idiosyncratic exception to the standard. Joshua Bell is often mentioned (when violinists are mentioned at all) not because he is technically better than every other violinst, but because of his charisma and willingness to cross categories. He’s the best in the world at being Josh Bell, not the best in the world at playing the violin.

The ever-wonderful Rachel Hills on Britney and the pain of being pretty. I remember reading that Britney did 1000 sit-ups a day too. I don’t care how freaking fantastic I look, nothing’s getting me over the 100 a day mark. Oh, fine, alright…at this point nothing’s getting me past 1 a day.

Gala Darling goes to one of NYC’s Creative Mornings: aaaaagggghhh! My coolness barometer just exploded. I want one! Can I make it happen in Caboolture? Hmmm….

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