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Links of the Week (or WHAT?! You mean there’s more to cyberspace than ME?!)

Thanks so so so much to everybody who has taken the time and effort to give me your thoughts on the blog and where it might go from here. I love you THIIIIIIIIIS much! (PS If you haven’t as yet taken part then please don’t be jealous. I can love you THIIIIIIIIIIS much too! Just click over here.)

So I am way out west these school holidays, visiting with my beautiful bestie from high school who lives on a property just out of Meandarra.  “Mean-where-a?” you say. “Mean-takes-7-hours-to-drive-there-a”.


So while we are out here, riding 4-wheeler motorbikes in the rain, feeding the chooks and re-enacting scenes from “Australia”, please console yourself with these lil tidbits. I hope they’re helpful like Oprah and tasty like Teevee Snacks.

Nom nom.

Want to get better at applying for grants and funding? Read this!

One of the best posts on “making it” I’ve read in a while. LOVE this blog.

There is such a thing as a family friendly creative residency! Hmmm, I still think the world needs more of these!

If Your Dream Is to Move to NYC. If? Whaddya mean IF?!?!?!

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