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Links of the Week (or WHAT? You mean there’s more to cyberspace than just me?!)

Just for the sake of being honest, I should let you know I’ve been clambering through a rather thick fog of depression lately. No real reason, (well, other than some pretty epic burn-out, I suppose), but that’s the thing about depression: it doesn’t need a “reason” to strike. Which makes you feel even worse for being such a stupid-first-world-problem-kind-of-whinger and thus, the cycle of yuck continues…

Anyway, no need for sympathy (no really: I’ve given myself more than my quota in this here pity party, I’m bout to crack open the Poor-Me Pinyada, it’s gonna be awesome) but just wanted to explain why I’ve been a little light on the social media side of late. I will get there.

In the meantime, please enjoy these rather wonderful linkedy links.

Hope you are well, whatever you are doing.


LOVE this post from Seth Godin on the silliness of constantly reconsidering decisions.

Spending that creative energy wondering about the plan merely subtracts from the passion you could put into making it succeed.

Candy Bowers is a kick ass woman after my own heart. I already wrote a gushy bit of blather about her show Australian after seeing it at MICF if you recall; well, she has some shows coming up and da da da da da! To get the buzz going she is organising some dance flash mobs! I am honestly rather excited at the serendipity for me selfishly (because it is all about me, daaaaahlings) as I’d literally just written down a bunch of things I wish to do in this life, one of which was to be part of a dance flash mob. I am doing it. Come shake your booty with me.

I know the blogosphere has already been all over this but I want to repost for any who missed it. I really love Eden and her blog; her honesty is just awe-inspiring and her writing consistently rocks me; this post is a perfect example. I did all but hold my hubby at fork-point to make him read it with me.

In fact, her post inspired us big-time to start thinking about the big picture of how we want our life to look. Nothing’s planned yet, it’s all just the fun of dreaming up options but this site certainly got my mind awhirl…

10 Tips for a Less Hectic Life: yes please. Damn I hate myself sometimes for being such a sucker for lifehacky stuff. But there tis. It’s just who I am, folks.

Finally a shameless plug; next Monday I’ll be in my beloved Byron Bay for a special Mother’s Day themed comedy show. I am truly stoked to get back there. Northern NSW really is just balm for the soul.

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