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Ladies Luncheons and Mojo

That’s it. I’m only EVER doing gigs where the audience is 98% female and 98% full of champagne.

In other words…Friday rocked. I’m in love with MCing. Mind you, I’ve had it on very good authority from some other (excellent and esteemed) comics that corporates suck the big one, and I’ll be the first to admit that MCing a charity gig – complete with the conditions specified above – that my introduction to this world was rather sugar-coated. But for now…I’m gonna go with ‘it rocked’.

Amongst the moments worth mentioning was apparently finding a fan in the form of a quite well-to-do CEO of a major club, who was herself quite the performer. In all her ‘happy’ state, she alternated between gushing over my dimples and humour “But YOU….YOU are FUNNY!” and doing impersonations of Col Elliot.


Still, she made me chuckle and even better, said that she wanted to book me for her club’s Christmas party. So whether that was the pink champagne talking (I jokingly suggested the function should be changed from “Think Pink” to “Drink Pink”) time will tell.

But overall…fun, fun, fun. To complete the picture for you, the setting was a gorgeous club right on the beach, with tables decorated with pink everything – pink bows, pink gift boxes and endless bottles of pink champagne.

Basically, as I told the crowd, it was like the wedding my husband would never let me have.

Ahh…and speaking of the hub-ster, we managed to convince the grandfolks to take the kids overnight on Saturday – so we could have our first child-free quality time in MONTHS (please, for any of you out there without kiddly-winks, please do savour the space – and the lack of poo in your life, but that’s a whole other story) and it rocked.

We bushwalked, drank wine, had our hangovers by 4 in the afternoon, thus allowing time for our second wind in the night, checked out the Grape and Groove Festival, walked around the city, went and saw “An Inconvenient Truth” (which you MUST SEE NOW – there you go, there’s my duty to humankind done for the day) and then the best of all….slept in.

So you will hopefully understand why the update on the Friday gig has been a little late in coming. But not for a lack of wanting – I do apologise. But I was busy…getting my mojo back baby!!!


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