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Kung Fu Hustle

After years of film-buff-dom, of completely geeking out over beautiful cinematic moments, of allowing a number of movies to jostle and compete for the coveted position of ‘my favourite film ever’, FINALLY one has come along which has completely blown away all the competition.

I’m not kidding. And I’m not even into Kung Fu. In fact, I’m not into violence of any sort. In fact, I could probably never have even been convinced to watch it had it not simply been playing in a lounge-room at a recent party. I walked in the room, caught a glimpse of the screen and could not look away. I started laughing, then shrieking (in a good way) then sat my butt down and didn’t leave the room for the next few hours.


You must see it. Now. I mean right now.

Come on, what are you doing reading this blog? Get thee to a video store, pronto or I’ll bust out my moves. Hai-YAH!

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