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Keeping up with the Jones’…

…or more specifically, keeping up with my good ole blogging and real life friend, Girl Clumsy, who has inspired me to get rid of the cobwebs, do some spring cleaning (it is actually Spring, over here in Canada, after all) and revamp the Comic Mummy premises. Thanks Nat!

My website’s getting the onceover too pretty shortly, which I’m extremely excited about, given that my main man Matty B (who is a completely and utter GENIUS) is on the case and I cannot wait to see what delights he spews forth. Ah boy.

Mothers Day has come and gone – I wrote a short but sweet column on it last week but forgot to link it. Sozzoms! Here tis, please don’t fret, take a deep breath and enjoy. Hopefully.

And this week’s column (basically detailing how Mothers’ Day was spent – i.e. on girl guide camp with little Miss Five) is up too if you’re up to feeling like a CM stalker on this lovely morn.

In completely unrelated but worthy-of-documenting-for-my-own-reference, I had my last snowboard of the season today and it was ROCKING like an Opera. I finally experienced the joy of ‘spring skiing’ – i.e. slushy soft snow, so lush and thick and sloppy that it removes all fear of injury, sunny skies (resulting in my first ever Canadian sunburn) and absolutely no queues to the chairlift all day. I’m already lamenting the season’s end…summer better be damn well spectacular to make up for it.


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