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Jamie Lynn Spears: mamma mia.

Oh boy. I don’t even want to get into the pop culture element of this whole debacle. All I can say is that now, two kids into my life, whenever I see ANYBODY pregnant with their first child – whether they’re 16, 29 or 43, there is a part of me thinking ‘Wow, oh wow. You have absolutely no idea what you’re in for.’

Because I didn’t. Nobody does. No matter how many books you read, stories you hear and people you talk to, at the end of the day, absolutely NOTHING prepares you for parenthood. Nothing.

The difference with seeing a 16 year old get up the duff – regardless of who she is or how famous her family might be – is that my thoughts move on to: ‘Wow, oh wow. One hundred per cent of your post-child life (spot the irony?) is going to be about kids…and you have absolutely no idea what you’re in for.’

I’m tired just thinking about it.

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