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It’s getting personal…

Oh yeah, and I’ve decided to let you know about another blog I’ve had going on the sly for a little while – it’s for the more personal and sometimes juicier stuff that I don’t want out there in public. The catch is it’s on LiveJournal and you have to sign up as my friend to read it, so I can stay in charge of who’s reading it.

Cos you know, I’m a control freak like that.

If you are particularly keen just go to, sign up for an account and I think you add me as a friend or something. My username is comicmummy (I do hope that helps and I sound all techno-savvy – it’s one of my life goals).

Oh, and sorry I haven’t gotten back to you lovely ladies about this shared-rant-blog idea. I think it’s a ripper and I am keen, just have been a little frazzled for obvious reasons. I’ll try to get onto it next week!!

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