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It’s all getting too much…

Too much action and too little sleep.


So here you go, the Readers Digest version of the past couple of days and please forgive my brevity (hell, you’re probably down on your knees with gratitude, who am I kidding?)

– almost dislocating my hip while walking for KILOMETRES around St Kilda handing out flyers for Comedy Knockout gig

– meeting Simon Moss in person FINALLY (Vibewire buddy) when he came to Comedy Knockout gig

– spending way too many hours post-Comedy Knockout gig, pub & coffee-crawling from St Kilda to the City to Northcote and still buzzing at 5am this morning

– indulging in an hour-long bath today (in an attempt to relieve my hip) while the kids napped

– doing box office on “Life After Dick” in St Kilda and stamping a smilie face on the wrist of none other than Neighbours’ star Stefan Dennis (whose character Paul I have loved to loathe since Jason & Kylie were hot). At the risk of sounding like the celebrity slorry I am, ‘he looked me in the eye, we exchanged words (insignificant ones, but words nonetheless) and EVERYTHING!’ Oh, and it’s pronounced Stef-AAAn for any of you who ever care. If you do meet him, be sure to get it right and maybe he’ll give you jellybeans or something.

– having the BEST Melbourne gig yet at the Comedy Comedown at the Cue Bar in Brunswick, namely because I knew pretty much everybody in the audience, including Gemnastics (YAY!!!), TimT (WOOHOO!!), Lisa (YIPPEDY!!!), Rahima (COOLIO!!!) and Rachel & Michael (YADIDAAA!!!) As you can see, it was a big crowd. Regardless, it rocked my world – I felt relaxed and loved and ‘these are a few of my favourite things!’ There I go again, bursting into song. ‘I’m so excited…’ Stop me now before I break another hip.

– going to see Dave Hughes in “Hughsey Rides Again”, my review of which will soon be published in The Pun and on their site (and I do apologise for not just being able to link you directly there – Macs…don’t even get me started)

– checking out improvisational troupe The Crew’s regular impro show (that was actually on Sunday but I forgot to mention it) and then interviewing Rob Lloyd, their Artistic Director, which will also be in and on The Pun.

– and yeah, going to bed. Which I’ll be doing very shortly and I guarantee you – I’ll even be dreaming about sleep.

Yours in fatigued fatigue, Jensta. x

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