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Introducing the All-New “Question Time!”

Here at Comic Mummy headquarters, I’ve decided that we’re gonna introduce a little tradition known as “Question Time”. Because what am I, if not modeled on Parliament?

*Note to self: last sentence = strange.

But I can’t do it with you! No, I’m not talking to the person next to you, I’m talking to YOU, LADY/MAN/TEDDY WITH OPPOSABLE THUMBS!

So, for the next few days, I’m leaving the comments open to questions. Questions, which I shall endeavour to respond to at my leisure over the next little while. They can be:

– silly; – serious; – life-pondering; – completely disconnected from reality; – on any topic of your choosing, however if they do happen to be at least somewhat related to some of the things we’ve been chatting about lately on this blog, then somebody will be my favourite!

Heehee, I’m quite looking forward to this actually, this should be fun!


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