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Introducing my son the 3-year-old.

Caleb’s third birthday seems to have coincided with a strange little proccupation with calling me by my first name.

Caleb: “Hey Jenny!”

Me: (insert amused tone here) “Yes?”

Caleb: “Ummmm…Jenny, can you get me juice?”

Me: “Can you say ‘please’?”

Caleb: “Please Jenny?”

Me: “Sure Caleb.”


Me: “Okay Superman!”

Caleb: ‘Thank you Jenny. Thank you Jenny Wynter.”

I have GOTTA tape record this stuff.

Oh, and we’re having a party for him this Saturday, featuring the theme of, da da da da! Superheroes. How did you guess? No, really, you must be truly clever. Which, on that note, you don’t happen to have a recipe for a Spiderman cake, do you?

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