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Introducing my Academy Award (or “The Things That Delight You in the Midst of Anti-Delights&#8

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Oscar, meet my Comic Mummy friends.

Comic Mummy friends, meet Oscar.

This beautiful baby was a gift some many Easters ago from my best friend Frankie. It was so awesome on so many levels, not the least of which was that at the time it was given, it was wrapped around a chocolate bunny.

Some unknown number of years later, I’m proud to say (and Frankie was stunned to hear!) that I have carried this little baby all around the world.

Not in a “tell me about the lambs, Clarice, tell me about the lambs!” kinda way, just in a THIS-LIGHTS-UP-MY-LIFE-EVERY-TIME-I-SEE-IT way.

You know. Normal.


Anyway, I’ve decided I want to share a few bits and pieces from round my home, of which this is but one. The things that delight me. That inspire me. That make me smile when the shit has hit the fan. (And I can’t tell you how bittersweet it is, nor how completely maniacal you look, smiling at a fan covered in poo…)

What about you? What bits and pieces in your abode make you happy in your most innardly innards?

Links to pics will be revered like double chocolate choc fudge.


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