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In other official and convulsing news

We’re officially out of the house (don’t even ask about it as I’m still convulsing), officially in with the in-laws (less convulsing) and officially unsure of our plans for 2007. Which strangely, I’m totally digging. I guess when your child-full life is full of so much predictability (from cuddles to tantrums and everything in between), having some major life stuff suddenly become so potent with possibility is actually a real rush.

The only sad thing is that we got back from tour, then packed up within a week and left in such a rush that I feel like I just left town without even saying goodbye to anybody. In fact, apart from my closest mates and those who read this blog (there is some overlap, I’m happy to note) there are actually a ton of people in my life who probably don’t even KNOW that I’ve moved.


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