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In Development!

I’ve been pinching myself so hard that my arm is sore at the crazy fortune I’ve had in collaborating with the phenomenal directing talent that is Bridget Boyle and the musical direction wonder that is Meg Burstow on a new show about ageing, mortality and other hilarities.

We’ve had a stupidly silly amount of fun working on the creative development of this quite over the top theatrical extravaganza which is inspired by true tales of my childhood being raised by old people - formerly known as “It Takes A Retirement Village,” currently going by “Elderlicious.”

Huge thanks to Arts Queensland for making this possible, plus to Women in Voice - especially Lewis Jones and Annie Peterson and Di Wills - for encouraging me to explore this idea in the 2021 WIV show, where I realised that against every sensible don’t-invest-in-any-more-arts-projects-in-the-current-climate resolutions, this was clearly an idea that demands its own show.

We’re still working out what’s next, but I’m so grateful for having dedicated time, space and unbelievably talented and wonderful people to be the show doulas. It’s gonna be a long labour, methinks!

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