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If you were a rock band…

I’m completely besotted with the basic yet addictive photo-manipulation features on my basic yet addictive photo-manipulation program.

This is a pic of me and two of me favourite ladies from a recent wine-riddled night, and I can’t help but think we should be mega-famous rockstars.

I’ve always loved coming up with band-names. Not that there’s any chance of me ever using them, but if I did, here’d be the shortlist:

1. The Unadulerated Seatbelts (or: The US) 2. Zaploy (which is Russian for ‘I drank so much vodka last night that I can’t remember a thing) 3. Jen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (my first ever blog title) 4. Johnny Depp’s secret lover (my first ever fantasy…actually that one’s never stopped) 5. Free Drinks (just cos it’d be a great marketing ploy)

So I’m opening it up to the floor, to my thousands upon millions of loyal blog readers (please, don’t all post at once)…if you could name your band, what would be on your shortlist?

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