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If a photo paints a thousand words…

Hooray! My photo-blogging thing is working again, plus Caleb’s home sick (not so hooray) but the point is I’ve nothing to do but wait on my almost-2-year-old and stuff around with my blog. Thus, I thought I’d add some photos to put faces to the names of the Tassie kids. There, don’t you feel better now? I know I do.

The entire kiddy clan from left to right: Caleb, Ella (both mine), Brock, Rachel & Jessie. Purely coincidentally, they are actually arranged in chronological order. Dig it.

My sister away from sisters, my cousin Alice. And me too. Whaddya know?

Saturday Night Live, Schmatterday Night Live…this is THE comedic ensemble.

I like to call this one: “Tugging on Heart-Strings”. This is the stray kitten which Caleb became obsessed with and the cat was so completely dying for attention that it even took Caleb’s strangling holds and suffocating hugs as a compliment. It gave me flashbacks of ex-boyfriends, actually.

And finally, my favourite. I like to call this one: “Brock Finds God.”

Oh yeah, and check out my dodgy-pram-manouvre photo if you’re looking for mildly illegal things to do with kids. Cos I’m nothing if not inspiring.

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