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I Wish I Had a Better Title Than “New Headshots”

Not sure if I mentioned it but one of the beautiful things to happen as a result of the Melbourne Fringe run was that I finally scored…da da da da…an agent!

I am so thrilled about this; not just because it’s been something I’ve been working towards for quite some time, but because I am stoked to feel already like this agent really does get me. I am very, very stoked and excited to see, as you are at the start of any relationship, where this journey might take us.

So…as a follow on from this, I got myself some new headshots. I went with the wonderful Marty Pouwelse who shot the many wonderful pics you see around this dear ole site, and who has an incredible ability to put one at ease while playing around with lights to make one look better. Both are qualities which I dig tremendously.

I thought I’d post a few here, if you are so inclined you can check out more over at my Facebook comedy page.

I have a photo of my Mum that looks so similar to this it is eerie!

I much prefer doing the silly shots to the serious ones. As soon as we got into the comedy ones my inner ham just started dancing on the tables.


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