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“I Want to be in America”

I turned the radio on before and this exact West Side Story tune was playing. It made me smile.

It’s so funny, because as much as I loved the entire mind-blowing experience of conquering the USA solo style, the whole time my heart was back on Australian time.

“Now they’re waking up.”

“Now they’re having lunch.”

“Now they’re throwing their pre-bath-time tantrums.”

But now here I am, back home again and the whole time-zone thing has flipped on its head. My heart (or part of it anyway) is on American time.

“Now they’re flicking on the lights in Times Square.”

“Now they’re spruiking their CDs on Hollywood Boulevard.”

“Now they’re gambling in Vegas.”

Okay, so that last one is kinda time-zone irrelevant.

But the point is, while I’m elated to be back with my family and friends, I miss America. Who’da thunk?

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