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Homeschooling, Keith Johnstone and Loose Moose

So in a bit of very-late news (in that the actual event happened a couple of weeks ago), we’ve decided to pull Ella out of traditional schooling and home-school her. This is for a number of reasons (the main one being that now I don’t have to do the early morning school dash or make lunch 😉 ), none of which bears any reflection on the school she was at which was great, but…nah, on second thought I’m not gonna use this as a post to justify our decisions. I know homeschooling causes quite a bit of controversy which I don’t particularly wish to enter into, but suffice to say that after a trial run of a couple of weeks, thus far it is working out swimmingly. She’s happy. I’m happy. We’re all just one big ball of happy bubble gum. And I FINALLY feel like I’m able to have a life while actually being a really wicked mama. In the non-wicked sense.


I also want to write a heap more about the training I’ve been doing with the amazing Loose Moose Theatre in Calgary. So I will. The first couple of weeks I was almost a little overwhelmed with such a different way of approaching improv training – it’s far more analytical than what I’ve been used to in the past, but then last week something just suddenly clicked and I felt like I kinda ‘got it’ a bit more and could just relax, be present and all that jazz. I am so hooked. If only the weather wasn’t such an element (no pun intended) in getting down to Calgary every week, seriously the winter roads here freak the living snowman out of me!

And I had a moment of star-struckedness a couple of weeks ago, having walked into the class and seeing standing right next to me none other than Mr Keith Johnstone himself. Of course I acted all cool (translation = mute) but part of me was going ‘Holy crap, Keith Johnstone is in da house!’. For those non improvisers out there, Keith Johnstone is the guy who amongst other incredible feats, invented theatre sports and is one of the most highly revered improv teachers in the entire world. I’m currently – and finally – reading his book “Improv: Improvisation and the Theatre” which is already blowing my mind.

And reaffirming to me the validity of our choice of a non-traditional education for our muppets.


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