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Tim’s uncle has passed away, Australia Post has LOST my passport – meaning that I have to change my flights to allow time for them to find it – and we’re all sick.

Top that with the endless goodbyes to people I love, and I’m pretty much a bonafide nutcase.

Still, as Polly from Triple Zed said to me yesterday, maybe we’re just getting all of the hiccups over in one hit. Get em done now, so the other side of the journey will be smooth sailing. Problem is with all the hurdles we’ve hit lately I feel like we’ve honestly been in a month-long hiccuping fit – here’s hoping there’s a massive glass of water around the corner and we can truly savour the peace and tranquility of an un-stressed diaphragm.

Now excuse me: I’ve got some mind-blowingly exciting house-scrubbing to get through.


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