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Help Wanted: How to Get the Most Out of the Comedy Adventure Abroad

This trip is making me bold.

Just the thought of travelling to the great big comedy beyond to learn, to be inspired and to perform, has given me the guts to write to Michael Lorne, the guy who created (and still produces) Saturday Night Live.

You see? I would never dare such a thing usually, but now I’m going and I know I’ll only be there for a week or so, I figure, ‘what the hell?’ Seriously, why not? The worst that can happen is he doesn’t e-mail me back (well, no, the worst that could happen is that Lorne suddenly rocks up on my door and in his jet-lagged delerium starts running through my house throwing muesli all over the floors and singing “Oops I Did It Again”) but the second worst that can happen is that he doesn’t e-mail me back. Which is going to happen if I don’t write, guaranteed. I at least want a ticket in the lottery.

So yeah, I’m a little blissfully naieve (though I prefer ‘refreshingly unjaded’) and therefore am looking for some willing collaborators in my plan to take over the world, naieve bold move by naieve bold move. Did you hear that? That was me, asking for help.

You see, I want to make sure I make the most of absolutely every SECOND that I’m on this trip – sleep will just have to wait for the flight home.

So I need suggestions and ideas, people! Most specifically:

  1. people I should try to meet (if you actually have contact details I’ll love you long time)

  2. places I should see (touristy and comedy-oriented)

  3. shows I should catch (especially improv and comedy)

  4. tips on cool (and relatively inexpensive) places to eat/sleep/scratch myself

Feel free to go to town with suggestions, too. They can be really ambitious and/or crazy, in fact the moreso the better (obviously keeping it clean, people, as I don’t think the receipt for the Debbie Does Dallas festival would go down too well with my grant people). Remember, I’ll be blogging everything so if I do manage to take you up on your suggestion, you’ll get to live out the whole fabulous experience yourself! You know, in an indirect, written kinda way. I’ll even take photos!

Best of all, all helpful tips will be honoured with…my ever-lasting friendship. It even comes with a life-time warrantee: ain’t nothing breaking that sucker.

Either post suggestions as a comment OR e-mail me:

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