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Help My Show at Melbourne Fringe and Get a Song Inspired by YOU!

As you read this, please imagine me down on one knee, a gentle breeze blowing through my locks and a sweet milkmaid playing a harp in the corner.

Dear darling friends,

In one short week I shall be taking my one and only solo show “The Unexpected Variety Show” down to Melbourne Fringe Festival. AGH! As you may know, I am rather nervous about getting bits of buttocks on bits of chair.

Please, pretty please, would you be part of Team Unexpected and help me? If so, I will not only jump for joy but I will jump TWICE! Once for me and once for all of you! Not only that, but in celebration of our success, I shall write a song inspired by your suggestion.

If you help get the word out in any of the ways below, you can email me with an idea for a song. It can be one word or a full title. And during and after the fringe festival, I shall write these songs, film them and post them right here online. My deadline is the end of October.

There it is. In writing. 2 people help me = 2 songs. 50 people help me = Jenny has a creative heart attack (and/or there may be some songs combining multiple suggestions!). Either way, shall be at least mildly entertaining. Are you in?!


– send an email about the show to like-minded folks;

– write a quick mention in your Facebook status update. Personally, I love the creative/commanding ones:

– tweet about it. If you use the tags @melbournefringe or #mfringe I will even ding a bell somewhere in your honour.

For your use: here is the link to the official show page on Melbourne Fringe Fest’s website:


If you know anybody in Melbourne:

– please invite them to come see the show. Bribe them or trick them if you must. Tell them Robbie Williams is doing a secret gig. In drag. Singing none of Robbie Williams’ songs. The show is called “The Unexpected Variety Show” so as they will not be getting their “expected” Robbie, you will technically not be lying.

If you are in Melbourne:

– please come! I’d love to see you there! Especially in the first week when I am convinced it is gonna be otherwise empty and I will feel like a great big dork. Well, you know. A greater, bigger dork. And pretty please hang around after to say hi so I can cuddle you in a glorious, platonic yet super-loving fashion.

If you have seen the show and enjoyed it:

– please write a quick review on my facebook page (or if you’d prefer, you can email it to me). This is so so so valuable as it’s one thing for me to spruik my wares, but what audiences actually think matters umpteen times more. I know, right? Cra-zeeee

Thanks so much for listening, reading and/or helping. Actually,the first two equal the third anyway. What can I say?

Love lifts us up where we belong. Go TEAM!

Yours with love and lollypops, Jen. xx

The Unexpected Variety Show Melbourne Fringe Festival Revolt Melbourne 12 Elizabeth Street, Kensington 27 September – 9 October Tues-Sat 7.30pm (60 minutes) Sun 4.30pm Full: $20, Concession: $15 Book: 03 9660 9666

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