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Hello Blog? It’s me, Jenny.

By Jove (I love that phrase) it’s been a while between blogs! This time however, I have an actual excuse, namely that we’ve been moving house. Ergh. Luckily the ordeal was again, grist for the mill. But yes, we’ve moved and there are good things in the air!

For one, the new house rocks. So much space. An awesome yard, which – we only discovered upon moving here as I hadn’t even laid eyes on it til moving day and Tim hadn’t paid much attention when he checked it out – comes complete with a cubby house and slippery slide. And a little fire holding thing to toast marshmallows on. And as Nemo’s Mum said just before she became fish-food herself: “The neighbourhood is awesome.” Kids everywhere, we’ve been here four days and already our doorbell has rung with play-date requests more than it did the entire six months at our previously rocking – yet relatively child-free – abode.

So that rocks. Plus we’ve found a rocking chick (am I using the word ‘rock’ too much? Nah, it can’t be possible) who is keen to move into the basement suite downstairs for cheap rent in return for helping us out a bit with child-minding. Which we DESPERATELY need. That is just the fudge icing on top of the Devil’s Food Cake. (Sorry, I’ve got my mind on my hubby’s upcoming birthday festivities…back on track.)

Plus I’m going on tour again next weekend – just 2 nights this time and it’s gonna be a little less glamorous (or so I’ve been led to believe) than my last jaunt, as this time we’re heading to Saskatchewan. All I know about Saskatchewan is that the highway I’ll be on is so straight that people often resort to driving in the wrong lane just for stimulation, and from what I’ve seen on Corner Gas.

Then, just to add the cherry on top of the sundae, my sister calls me today.

Me (knowing she’s been trying to call for days without success thanks to our screwed up phone line): “So what’s the rush, are you up the duff?”

Her: “No! But guess what? I’m coming to Canada. In three weeks!”

Me: “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!!!” (the good kind.)

So yes, thanks to her shining loveliness as a travel agent, she has apparently won a touring trip to Canada to check it all out. She’ll only be in our neck of the woods for a day and a half, but, in the (mildly paraphrased) words of Sarah Connor: “We’ll love a lifetime’s worth.” Translation = I’m planning to exist on no sleep for that entire period.

Yes, yes, the answer is yes. I really am that hardcore.

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