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Getting the balance, slowly but surely

One of the reasons I think I’m finally starting to get this family/comedy thing in balance is that I’m trying less to balance things on a day-to-day scale, and more to balance them in a wider time-frame, say, over the course of a week, a fortnight or even a month.

Weekdays, I’m pretty much 100% focused on the kiddly-winks. I’m happy to report too, that while homeschooling is certainly proving to have a pretty stepp learning curve, it’s getting better and better all the time. My relationship with both kids has improved (with Ella out of SIGHT), I’ve connected with quite a few more homeschooling families too, which has been awesome and my dear new friend Penny – who literally has an entire wall full of resources – has been unbelievably helpful, encouraging and full of wisdom. She’s my little smiley sage. Love her.

Then come the weekend, I usually spend Saturday mornings with the fam and attacking the house, then after lunch make the trek down to Calgary for training with Loose Moose. This weekend was quite the juggling act though.

Friday: Drove down to Calgary early and performed in the Loose Moose Micetro show. Oh boy, I had the most magical time I think I’ve ever had onstage, I feel like all the training is really starting to kick in and I just let loose, was completely ridiculously excited just to be onstage and had a ball. I usually constantly swing between being in love with stand-up and improv – at the moment it’s improv all the way baby. Plus I think I’ve found a director for my solo show – I don’t like counting my chickens before they’ve hatched but it’s looking good! I then crashed the night on Loose Moose friends’ couches and did friendly battle with their cat who apparently took a great liking to my sleeping bag covered head.

Saturday: Spent most of the morning shopping for the Cay-man’s b’day party (he’s 4 on Thursday: WHAT THE?!) but unfortunately was unable to locate a Batman costume, his number one request. Ah me. Then met up with said little dude for a day out with Thomas the Tank Engine. My friend Sabina brought him down with her and her little ones for an afternoon of rides, face painting and da-da-da-da, an actual ride on THE Thomas!

Then jetted off to Loose Moose training in the afternoon (wonderful, wonderful, wonderful – we’re doing 8 weeks on status work, which I’ll write about more soon on the improv blog) and THEN off to meet up with my little girl on her first ever girl guide camp.

Phew. I just wrote a column about it which I’ll post once it’s up – in short, it was exhausting but lovely, and I’ve been so emotional lately just at how quickly both my kids are growing up. Such a cliche, but well, that’s what they’re cliches for. When they sang their Mothers Day songs this morning, I actually cried. Yep. Cried.

After lunch we drove back home, hung out as a family, then Timmy and I went out on a hot date to Banff for some much needed, well, ‘hot date’ time.

Then home just in time to tuck the kids into bed, give the house a quick once-over and brace ourselves for doing it all over again this week.


PS Massively belated but sincere Happy Mothers Day-ness for all you hot mamas and mamas-to-be out there. You rock the world and don’t forget it!! xxx

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