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From the mouths of comics

Had two inspiring conversations with comics tonight, both of whom supported Jody Ekert’s show, which I MC-ed. Anyway, I thought I might share bits of them here (or just record them for my own sake: yeah, I’m completely self-indulgent like that).

The first was a chat with young thang Ben Zabel, after I relayed the irony of having pushed and pushed at the comedy thing, but only once I’d FINALLY let go of it did the hugest career break of my life come a-knocking.

Him: “That’s exactly like Helen Hunt. She said to herself that all she ever wanted was a part in a Woody Allen film, she was ringing his agent and ringing his agent and never heard a thing. Then she finally went ‘oh well, I give up,’ and of course the very next day, who rings her and offers her a part in Curse of the Jade Scorpian? Woody.”

Dramatic silence.

Him: “Of course, it was a shit film…but hey: it was her dream and it came true. What a lightbulb moment. Oprah! Hello!”

The second was with one of the funniest new comics I’ve met yet, Ms. Hannah Gatsby (who won the nationals of this year’s Raw Comedy Competition – and after seeing her tonight, I can completely see why). I was relaying how I’d felt after Melbourne Comedy Fest, just a little overwhelmed with how on earth I’d be able to hold my family together while living in the very-consuming comedy-world.

Her: “I think you HAVE to live in the real world: it’s better for your comedy. Because then you’ve got something real to talk about. Otherwise you’re just a comedian’s comedian. As soon as you’re JUST hanging out with comedians, then that’s all you’ve got to talk about, and that’s not real to people. You’ve gotta nurture your family and your real life – I get the most inspiration and hilarity just from hanging out with my mum. So go for it – you’ve got to keep your feet on the ground. It’s the best thing you could do for your career anyway.”

Damn I needed to hear that.

Dudes…cheers to you. x

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