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From the mouths of babes…

No, this isn’t a post where I quote cute one-liners from my kids. I’ll nauseate you another time. I just had to share this e-mail which Bart Freebairn (Qld’s Raw Comedy Winner who’ll be battling it out at the finals this Sunday) sent me.

Just cos it made me chuckle out loud and that’s quite an achievement, plainly.


Thanks for the support jenny . I pity the fool that is naked in this iceblock town . You will need to have a roaring fire everywhere you go in tassie . Kill animals and stuff them down your jocks for warmth even

Please dont take a big break from comedy either. Not now.. no . Not when you are starting to get shiny. Come back soon ya hear and keep at it . Do it for the kids and for jesus

Hot sauce Frank signing out b


Bart, you go get em tiger.

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