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From high culture to…

So this morning marked the last day of my first leg of the Banff Centre residency. I was sad in a way, but also just kinda relieved that I’ve made the most of the time and that things are really starting to kick in! If you’re super keen you can read the column I wrote about it, feel free to shoot any questions my way too, I’ve been squeezing out many words this week on other projects, hence the lack of blog action. But hey blog, get over it. That’s art, baby!)

Note to self: don’t talk to your blog. It’s weird. Oh, oh, and those creative types of you out there – i.e. pretty much anybody reading this blog – should make like trees and get the hell outta here (hehe) and over to Vibewire’s e-festival which is on right now. There’s some interesting discussion going on over there, from gender stereotypes to digital technology to tips for up-and-coming creative career go-getters.

Oh, oh, oh and on a selfish note (aren’t they all?) I am – courtesy of the wonderful folk at Achilles Media – gonna be attending the Banff World Television Festival in June. AAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! And that was me reigning in my emotion.

And finally, introducing my latest procrastination ploy. It started innocently enough i.e. with me trying to decide whether I should get a fringe/bangs or not, but ended…well, like this:

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