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Forecast: brighter and still Canadian

New week, new outlook.

After last week’s corker of fevers, cancelled Canada plans and chest x-rays, I’m happy to report that I’ve had a few days to calm down and recover. And…while the disappointment is still raw, compared to other things that could happen in this life I guess it’s really not the end of the world. There you go. My lightbulb moment, and it’s not even ten past nine. Rock.

It’s funny thinking back to why I was always too chicken to make the leap overseas. I’ve been delaying it for almost a decade, you see. And if I could pin it down to one reason why, I’d say it was fear of the beauracracy I’d have to deal with to make it all happen. What was a ‘visa’ anyway? I sure as heck didn’t want to find out.

So when I started planning this trip…finally given a kick up the butt after getting the Arts Queensland grant for the Loose Moose Improv School (which I’m doing everything in my being to avoid thinking about, like how right now, they’ve just finished their second day of the warm-up camp and are probably back at the dorms chatting and geeking out over all things improv…see how I’m NOT thinking about that?) part of me thought I’d be pleasantly surprised. Like, ‘wow, Jen, all this time you were freaked out about how hard organising an overseas jaunt would be and all this time it was easy as pie!!!’

But I wasn’t. It has been every bit as hard as I’d ever dreaded, in fact, I think it’s been worse. Every possible thing that could stuff up, has stuffed up and then some.

BUT…as Tim and I have gotten to the point last week of wondering if we should just bite the bullet, cut our losses and call the whole thing off, we realised something. It’s now or never. Because we’ve come this far, it’s been a shocking process…and if we turn around and cancel it now, we would NEVER be gluttonous enough for punishment that we would start all over in a few years and put ourselves through it all again.

So, we’re doing it.

But Canada, let me warn you: you’d better be freakin amazing!!!

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