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Forecast: brighter

So on the upside, Ella is back at school again and Caleb is well enough to get out and about again too. Woohoo!

On the downside, the little Mister’s preschool has been shut down for the next few weeks – apparently they found some mould in the water pipes and so need to get it all sorted out before Erin Brockovich turns up – so I’m pretty much with-child constantly, however…

Back on the upside, at least it’s ONE child who is relatively cruisy and fun and enjoys having adventures out and about, as opposed to TWO kids who, while both fun in their own right, tend to spend every minute together inventing new ways to annoy the will to live out of each other.

Wow. Did you hear that? That was me letting off steam.

On some notable tangents:

– we’re finally geared up (translation = henceforth broke as hell) and ready to hit the ski slopes. Well, except for poor Tim, whose knee is still playing up, lessening his desire to put it at risk just yet. But the kids and I at least will be giving it a bash in the next couple of weeks and Tim will hopefully not be too far behind. I’ve always wanted to be a cool snowboarding type, ever since I read “Snowboarding to Nirvana” some ten years ago, complete with a Tibetan Lama character who busted out gnarley moves while basking in enlightenment.

– there are still some exciting possibilities presenting themselves – some very unexpected, in fact – in the comedy field, I’m just trying not to count my chickens before they hatch, so will hold my cards close for now and try to stop indulging in more metaphoric silliness in the one paragraph.

– I’m looking forward to reading Steve Martin’s autobiography as soon as I can get my hands on a copy. This quote in particular seems relevant to my depressing rant the other day: “I have heard it said that a complicated childhood can lead to a life in the arts. I tell you this story (i.e. of how his father beat him as a child) of my father and me to let you know I am qualified to be a comedian.”

Zat is all.

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