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First newspaper article!

Check it out. For real.

Rather than be over-the-moon and mushy and proud, Tim’s just plain annoyed that he’s not in it – thankfully his sister Cat was here to back me up that it’s nothing to be getting all het up about. I mean, does every single person have their other half either photographed or mentioned in every single piece of promotional material? Okay, aside from Angelina Jolie, Katie Holmes and Camilla Parker Bowles. But then the latter is usually being simultaneously compared to a horse, so fair’s fair.

I think the little Rock-Star inside of Tim is just a little closer to busting out. I’ve resolved just to encourage more bathroom karaoke so that the superstar within is able to express itself and thus stop taking stuff out on me. Though in his defence, he did climb far enough down his high horse to say “well, I guess it is kinda nice seeing my family in the paper!”

Express what he’s got, oh baby ready or not… (Madonna)

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