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Fatigued round-up: possibly an unwise move

SOOOOO tired.


This entry may not even make sense, such is my state right now. You have been warned.

So, the weekend in a nutshell:

1) Spent yesterday at the very wonderful Calgary Zoo. The kids LOVED it! We LOVED it! Our camera…dead. Waaaaaahhhh!

2) Then proceeded to balance out the family time with some me time, otherwise known as Loose Moose training. So very wonderful. I’m blogging about it (bit by bit, as usual I’m overcommitting myself) at the other place.

3) Have been trying to nail Caleb down to his birthday party plans (he’s turning 4 in a little over a week: how did that HAPPEN?!) but he keeps changing his mind on a half-hourly basis. Seriously…I’ve been this close to ordering his birthday cake decorating set off ebay when he changes. One minute it’s Buzz Lightyear, the next it’s Lightning McQueen. When did my offspring become so fickle?

4) Money – or rather lack thereof – has been proving a little ‘stressful’, shall we say.

5) Spent much of today hiking with the family – well, the kids biked it – through woods, alongside rivers and general all-round picturesqueness. The kids LOVED it. We LOVED it. Our camera…dead.

Cest la vie!

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