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Extreme Makeover!

Dearest Jen,

Just a note to thank you so much for my make-over. I think I look hot.

Please do drop Miss Zoot a line and thank her ever so much for designing my template – I simply cannot even begin to get my head around how incredibly amazing I will look once she reaches into the depths of her blog-stylist creativity to tailor-make my make-over come August – just thinking about it makes my html positively throb!

Please reassure your husband that while I may be addictive, alluring and as of now…just plain SEXY, what we have is purely platonic and it is he, only he, who has the door to your soul.

(Just don’t tell him that I have the key…moihaahaha, moiahahahaha, moihahahahahahhahaha!)

Your incredibly attractive and ever-loyal, Blog.

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