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Don’t be fooled by the blog that I got…

So here I am at Blogger Street, after almost a year blogging at So why the move? I hate moving – the packing, the stress, the de-cluttering – and yet, here I am, voluntarily doing so (alright, alright, so a cyberspace is a little less involved), despite Vibewire having been rather good to me and developing quite a nice head-swelling stat of being regularly on their top 5 most read blogs list.

But I am moving. Here’s why:

– I can easily post photos here. See? Aren’t I clever?

– More people can make comments without having to register and stuff round with user names, etc. like they have to do on Vibewire. I’ve been getting complaints from my slack-ass friends about this for ages. So here you go people, are you HAPPY NOW?! If you don’t start commenting with liberal abandon, I shall be quite put out.

– I can even edit my posts here. See? I hadn’t even written this sentence first time around and yet you’d never even know the difference. I feel at home already. Moiahahahaha!

– I want to open it up for more of the world to see, and it’s so much easier to link to other blogs etc. this way.

If you do feel like checking out the old stuff by the way, you can do so via here.

So there you go. Not that I’ll be abandoning Vibewire – au contrere! (I won’t even pretend to be able to spell in French.) No, I’ll be regularly cross-posting so that we can all have the best of both worlds. And because I’m nothing if not realistic. And because I don’t forget my humble roots.

“Don’t be fooled by the blog that I got, I’m still, I’m still Jenny from the block.”

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