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Doesn’t the tooth fairy leave share certificates?

Ella has been SOOOO mega-excited about losing her first tooth.

As have I, but more in that ‘it feels like only yesterday my little muppet was sprouting it through, at this rate I’m going to blink and she’s going to be driving, working and screaming at me for screwing up her life’ kinda way.


Thanks to all you guys too for all the tooth-fairy stories, by the way. 🙂 Ella was completely intruiged by the whole thing, if not a little perplexed.

Her: But mummy, where will the tooth fairy put the money?

Me: In the cup of water, where your tooth was!

Her: In the water?

Me: Yep. She’ll take the tooth and leave the money there instead.

*dramatic pause*

Her: You mean…*shock horror* it’s just a COIN?

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