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Da, da, da, da, da da! Announcing my full-length show!!!

Yes, it’s FINALLY happening! WOOHOO!

(Sorry bout the overuse of caps in this entry – but yes, I really am THAT excited.)

Okay, so if you’re Brissie based, pencil it in your diaries. And if you’re not Brissie based, pencil it in your diaries too. That way you can keep track of when to send good vibes, slam your hand into the wall or exercise your indifference. Or who knows? Maybe a wacky combination of all three.

Sunday 27th May @ 6.30pm Offical Launch of BrizImprov Fest at Uber!!!

What: Improv presented by Impromafia, followed by a preview of my one-woman musical/character/improv/comedy variety show, aptly titled Jenny Wynter is: SELF INDULGENT.

Friday 22nd May – time TBA Opening Night: BrizImprovFest @ Metro Arts (the full fest runs from June 22-24) This is going to be Queensland’s first ever festival of improvised performance – it is seriously going to rock the city to its core. I know I’ll be steering clear of the Story Bridge for a good week afterwards. My show’s on the first night and will be the final opportunity to check out my show in Brisvegas before the land of the Canadians beckons. Well, to be completely accurate, it’s been beckoning for a while. How bout, ‘before Canada and I consumate our attraction.’

*Note to self: don’t refer the Customs Officers to your blog.

Tix are going on sale soon for both shows, I think you can even book online and everything. How uncharacteristically tech-savvy! Anyway, I’ll post more details when they come to hand.

In other news, I’ve been thinking of the best ways I can prepare myself for the terrifying reality in my future known as freezing cold. I’ve heard that it can be so bad, you walk outside and the water in your eyes actually freezes over. Holy baby-yak. My irises? A skating rink for Canadian mosquitoes? No thank you. Anyway, here’s my plan thus far:

1. Replace my morning cup of coffee with a morning cup of ice-blocks.

2. Every time I feel myself losing my temper with the kids, sticking my head in the freezer for a couple of minutes. My own sub-zero time-out.

3. Going to bed in the pool.

These are but a few of my ideas. Yours?

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