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Cygnet Festival 2023

Oh Cygnet Folk Festival you have my heart and I’ll throw in the liver for free.

What a stunningly gorgeous festival of amazing people, music, talent, vibes, gigs… I’ve been dying to come forever and it was worth the wait and then some.

I had a raspberry-infused ball performing with my gorgeous sister, teaching people how to free the funny and watching in awe as they rocked their first comedy gig, debating (even though I missed the part about it being a “poetry” debate… oops), watching so much amazing folk music it almost hurt.

New amazing fave discoveries include We Mavericks, The Paul McKenna Band Looking For Alaska, Charm of Finches and of course Grace Petrie who is also now my BFF because I demanded it and that’s how true friendship happens.

Plus as a bonus I got to eat my body weight in juicy Tasmanian cherries (I legitimately ruined clothes in the process and I regret nothing), drank cider, ate cheese AND got to stay at my uncle’s incredibly magical and inspiring off grid forest wonderland and catch up with my stunning family!

Thank you so much Cygnet Folk Festival for having us and all of the incredible people who we met and played with and and and…

Watch this space, because like a folk singing solar powered Arnold Schwarzenegger…we’ll be back. #extremelydatedpopculturereference

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