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Covering Up

So I’m trying to get a set of cover songs together – with my awesome sidekick otherwise known as the keyboard – for enjoyment as well as having more regular opportunities to perform right here in the Bow Valley. When Leon and Ash were here we hit a couple of the open mikes locally, with Leon and I doing a few songs together at Banff (Crowded House, Chris Isaak with some Nick Cave thrown in for good measure) which left me starving for more!

However, while I love my potential set-list, it is a little depressing. Why, oh why, are most of my favourite songs in minor keys?


In other news, apparently Canada is now considered a ‘dangerous’ travel destination. I wrote about it in my latest column (which is now online if you want to check it out) so it must be true.

Quote of the Day Caleb: “I want to cuddle Batgirl’s boobies.”

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